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Real-Time Manufacturing Execution System

This real-time MES (manufacturing execution system) leverages an innovative Android™ app, management dashboard, and off-the-shelf tablets running on Wi-Fi networking to collect production data and empower workers, supervisors and managers with up to the minute production visibility and control.

Exenta’s shop floor control MES changes the game by eliminating the traditional requirements for proprietary hardware, wired network infrastructure, and complex software tools.

CMMS solutions for the sewn products industry

Smart machines today fewer stops and repairs tomorrow. Start saving with our 60 day ROI

We take machine maintenance tracking, machine labor (staff), machine parts and real-time data / alerts to a new level. Our system automatically generates most of the data whereas our competitors require maintenance staff to perform data entry, opening the door to error and unnecessary time spent.
Real-Time Alerts + Minimized Downtime = Efficiency in your Business and a real ROI.

So user friendly,
Ai designed to track maintenance, parts and staff.


An AI driven ERP Software

Macrocosm of Industry Experience
A collective experience of 30+ years has been harnessed into our product, making it the most appropriate solution set for Apparel and Textile Industry

Smart Work Protocol
FashionONE comes with intelligent workflow management, with realtime updates and information sharing across user, enabling a totally connected work environment

Visual Experience
With beautifully drafted reporting and visual dashboards, users from entry to executive level are able to comprehend the informations quickly. Aids in faster decision making.

Capstone Unit Production System

We provide production systems (powered by All Strong)– designed to save both time and space.

Capstone UPS eliminates manual transportation and adds more value to your products. Real-time traceability of individual units for complete sequencing control throughout your production line.